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General services

Because of improper diagnostics when your vehicle arrives, the technician has to go though the process not knowing what is wrong and so he ends up building your transmission that does not need built and the same problem arises when the transmission is installed, then the technician is put under extreme pressure trying to build 8 more transmissions while trying to fix your car. Here is when the manager calls you and tells you that your vehicle has other issues and the horror story begins because they sold you a product you did not need, so please know who is working on your car.


Starting the process of checking your vehicle is diagnosing the problem, if something is not working properly then that's when troubleshooting comes into play.


Every transmission has a part or system that is weak or failing after time, upgrading these parts or systems at the time of repair is very important to make the transmission last. If the transmission builder just opens the unit and fixes a couple of clutches an a band and puts it back together then your not getting the right deal for your money. This is common practice for flat rating transmission shops.


Valve body bore wear / broken parts / plastic parts crack / pump wear / bushing wear / case band servo bore wear / solenoid issues / shifter cable broken / axles broken / computer program issues


Battery problems / engine sensors / catalytic converters / engine cylinder miss fires / vacuum issues / fuel filter issues / alternator electrical issues / engine related issues / computer failure / electrical shorts 

or opens in circuits

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