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Proper maintenance being done on regular intervals maintains the life of your vehicle because if you just drive it and not fix things that break then when it's time to fix something you have all this stuff to fix all at one time and that could be very costly to your wallet. Your vehicle takes you all over the place and just does what its suppose to do but when it breaks, we all panic because its not supposed to do that and it will sooner or later.

Most shops compare their prices to dealership prices so that makes you think that their doing you a favor, but are they really helping you or getting in your wallet. When you call a shop and ask for a price they tell you a low / high price and it seems that the price always ends up at the high side, they do not sell you parts at cost because they have to pay for major overhead, we have a small overhead and we sell parts at cost for our customers. Shops buy remanufactured transmissions for $2000.00 and sell them for $5000.00, they sell you a transmission for your vehicle and can't fix it and then go get a junkyard transmission and put that in your car and lie to you. I challenge you the next time you call or go to a transmission shop that you ask if they sell parts at cost and see what they say and then you will know the truth about who your dealing with. One day a customer came in to buy shift solenoids for his car and I asked what his car was doing and what he told me did not sound like solenoid problems, so I told him I could not sell him those solenoids because that was not his problem and after he left I was told by my manager that I was wrong because you always sell the customer what they want, this is why I am working for myself because I can not do that. Most shop managers get paid 10% of what they sell in a week so you can see why they lie and cheat so much, many of times I saw tickets that had prices on there for things the customer did not get or was told that they got something they did not get, I just want you to know the truth about my business. Please come and try our services and we will be honest with you and everything is out in the open, thank you....     


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