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Mechanical Problems

Electrical Problems



Hello, my name is Russell Kohl!

Are you tired of Transmission Shops taking advantage of you? It's not who is in the Front Office but it's the one who is in the shop that you should be dealing with! I have worked at these Shops for 20 years and I've seen things that I'm ashamed of. I would like to build your transmission like I would build my own.


About Our Business

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday - 8:30AM - 4:30PM


1504 S. Beckley Road

Lancaster, Texas 75146


I've been silent about our business for to long and all I can do is just do the right thing. Diagnostics on your vehicle is the most important step to figure out if its an electrical issue or mechanical/hydraulic/engine/computer program issue. The Technician is the person whom is responsible for checking the codes with a scanner when the check engine light is on and they should test drive the vehicle to see if things are working properly and verifying the customer's complaint.

If I determine that your vehicle has an engine/electrical/computer program issue first then we will need to fix that problem first and then if the transmission has issues to address then we can move forward.

Have you ever wondered why a Shop would have your vehicle for two solid weeks and can not fix the problem?

Most shops do not own an pressure gauge to test your vehicle even though they say so!!

Our Services

- Complete Diagnostics


- Drivability Problems


- Computer Program Updates


- Transmission Upgrades


- Transmission Rebuilding


-Carryout Transmission Repairs

- Honest Repairs

- Quality Work

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